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Most mainstream media sources pride themselves on providing you with the latest news? Most of them claim to be “fair and balanced.” Others try real hard to be edgy and cool. Well, that’s all good and great, but what about just reporting the actual news and how about taking ownership those tragic news stories that get covered once but then you never hear about it again?

Follow the News Stories You Care About Most

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We are going to try something just a little different here. Our goal is to take ownership of the news we report, and provide you with a follow-up on applicable news stories. Here you will find compelling reports on natural disasters, epidemics, new discoveries, politics, and more.

No More Confusion

Read reports from real people, about real people. Read stories on the facts. We will label our reports appropriately and stories that express an individual’s opinion will go into the “Opinion” category.

Seasoned Reporters with a Fresh Outlook

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We are a small team, but we are an incredibly unique team with talented individuals who don’t fall short in the areas that require sharp critical thinking skills.

Our reporters have been through it and have an amazingly well-rounded perspective viewpoint that we think you all will enjoy.


Start the Conversation

Don’t be afraid to provide some feedback in our dedicated Facebook Group, which will be open for discussion, questions, and concerns about any of the material we take the time to report on. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Let’s keep it respectful. We will include information on how to debate respectfully for those who need help, who feel like they struggle to be heard.

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Submit Your Leads

Any potential leads can be submitted to our Facebook Page.



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